Our Stories

The oral histories that you will hear deal with personal, sensitive, and upsetting situations. Every attempt was made to be respectful of those brave enough to share their lives with you. Please take the time to honor their courage.

Featuring the powerful personal stories of survivors of eugenics and newgenics, these video narratives cross between eugenics past and present; all videos are closed captioned.

Lillo, Kyle

Kyle Lillo was born in December 1984 in Alberta, Canada. He has lived and worked in Alberta all his life. Kyle is an active member of his community having taken on leadership with the Scouting movement, attended college to study hotel management, worked in a local restaurant; he is an activist in the Disability Rights Movement.

Kyle believes in the strength of family, having come from a strong family himself. He dreams of marrying and having a family of his own one day. However, Kyle also knows that he and his future wife will be at risk if they choose to have children. He knows that the government would be concerned that he could not parent because he has a disability. He worries that his children will be taken away from him, even if he has the help he needs. Kyle is prepared to fight for his rights.

-Nicola Fairbrother